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Becoming a Carer

Caring for children unable to live in their family home is a very special and important role. It affects everyone who lives in your home, as well as your extended family and friends who visit regularly. Your family will need to be willing to assist and support you and the child or young person in your care. It is important that you discuss with them your interest in becoming a carer and involve immediate family in the selection process, so that they can understand what it will mean for everyone.

Once you have made the decision, there are a number of steps you will need to go through before you can be approved to care for a child. These include child-safe screening checks and interviews. Some of these interviews will occur in your home and aim to find out more about you and the individual qualities you can bring to the caring role.

It is essential to go through the selection process, both to ensure you and your home are suitable and ready to welcome a child, and to make sure you are fully informed and supported when you take on this important role.