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Clothing and personal effects

Most children and young people who are placed in care with you will arrive with limited clothing, footwear and personal care products. If new clothing, shoes or personal care items are needed at the beginning of the placement the child’s Case Manager will buy these items. 

Sometimes, due to the lack of information and time available, the Case Manager may not be able to immediately provide all the personal items the child or young person needs. In these cases, you will be required to purchase additional clothing, shoes and personal care things; the establishment payment​ is paid to carers for this purpose.

A suggested basic wardrobe should consist of clothes and shoes for different types of weather and occasions, such as for play, school and special outings. Taking the child shopping for clothes is a good way to model budgeting and appropriate choices. Older children who may have strong views about what they like and don’t like should be involved in making clothing choices and encouraged to participate in these decisions.

What a child brings with them to your home is often particularly important to them, even though it may not seem of value to you. The personal property of children and young people in care must be respected by:

  • ensuring they have some space of their own to put their belongings
  • recognising they have the right to refuse to share their belongings
  • insisting other people living in or visiting your home respect their belongings.