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Play dates and sleepovers

Play dates and sleepovers

Just like children everywhere, children in care need friends, fun and play activities, which can include sleepovers. Decisions about short-term arrangements like babysitting and sleepovers with friends are usually up to you. As with usual parenting decisions, it is important to check on the arrangements so you know who will be looking after the children, what they will be doing, and what the arrangements are for picking up.  

Let the Department of Children and Families know if a child in your care is going to be away for more than one night, as they need to know where children in care are at all times. In making decisions about whether a child should sleepover at a friend’s house, carers should take the same steps as they would for their own child, i.e. meet the parents, check household sleeping arrangements and ensure they have knowledge of the adults in the house. When asking where the child will sleep while at a sleepover, it is important to ensure there that is one bed/mattress or other culturally and age-appropriate bedding for the child.  

Case Managers also need to know about events like school camps, so consent can be sorted out and arrangements made.