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School photos and personal photos

A child’s privacy from the media is strongly protected by the law. This is very important because of the broader family situation and the sensitivity of children and their families to being identified as associated with the statutory child protection system.

In order to protect a child in your care, you should talk to the child’s Case Manager if you or the child or young person would like to take part in a news story. A child in care cannot be identified in the media, in print, photograph or film unless this has been specifically authorised by their Case Manager

There will be times when it is perfectly OK for a child to have their photo in print, for example, in class photos or if they’ve done well at school, sports or other activities. The most important thing is that there is no information included that would identify the child as being in care. If you are uncertain about what you can discuss or disclose about children or young people in care please talk to the child’s Case Manager, so they can clarify the situation. It is better to contact the Department of Children and Families than to accidentally harm the wellbeing and privacy of a child or young person in your care.

You do not require consent for a child or young person to appear in a school photo, sports team photo or home video if it’s for personal use.