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Sports and recreation

Sports and recreation

Encouraging children to participate regularly in sport, play, creative hobbies and other activities they enjoy helps them to develop new skills, self-esteem and a sense of purpose and identity.

As a carer, you have a great deal of influence over a child’s attitude towards sport and recreational activities. Your lifestyle, enthusiasm and support can have a major impact on getting them involved.

Involvement in positive activities (including sports, arts, music, and drama and play group) can:

  • help children and young people get through a difficult time
  • let them make links in their community, interact with peers and make new friends
  • provide opportunities for safe risk-taking, team work, coordination and discipline skills
  • offer a way to express themselves and their feelings creatively in a safe environment
  • promote self-worth and a sense of accomplishment
  • provide a chance to play and learn with others
  • give you an opportunity to make new friends and develop a support network in your local community.

Talk with the Case Manager if you are having difficulty accessing sport and recreational activities, or wish to discuss the child or young person’s sporting and recreation interests.