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Carer Story

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    Kathy Huddleston

    My name is Kathy Huddleston and I have been caring for my granddaughter for almost one year as a Kinship carer for the Department of Children and Families (DCF). I believe it is important to have my granddaughter remain with family and to keep her in community and close to her extended family and friends. One of the main reasons I wanted to care for my granddaughter was to help my family and community. 

    The DCF Katherine Out of Home Care Services (OoHCS) has provided training to me and lots of support, including support from the Katherine Service Centre Caseworker about caring for my granddaughter in a Kinship Care arrangement.

    The benefits for my granddaughter since being placed with me through Kinship care is that she is attending school regularly and wants to attend every day. I believe my granddaughter is achieving good results at school due to her high attendance. I have noticed my granddaughter’s attitude at home has improved, and school and social life is much better.

    I would encourage people in the community who are thinking about becoming carers in other communities to become carers. I often find myself educating community members that children need our support and help as a result of DCF’s involvement.

    Kinship care is good, especially caring for children who belong to your community, as they won’t be placed outside from where they are from. I am also able to support parents and families that are going through a difficult phase in their life by welcoming the opportunity to care for their children.

    I feel really good about caring and that I have achieved something positive in the community, especially caring for children that belong to the community itself. I also feel good about caring for children who may also belong to other families in the same community.